Making peak performance the norm, for all ages.

We have a passion for educating athletes and we are committed to delivering outstanding results. This is what differentiates Rapid Sports Performance from our competitors. Rapid has been in business for more than 15 years and have earned the rank of trusted advisor and training partner for hundreds of athletes devoted to being the best they can be.

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OUR TEAM's Mission

Our highly skilled trainers, led by Mike Berenger, utilize cutting edge technology that delivers results. We employ sophisticated science-based methods to render individualized plans that address the unique needs of each and every athlete, but our goal remains the same for everyone: peak performance. We provide the route to achieving optimum physical potential via sophisticated techniques that minimize the potential for injury and maximize stability, strength, power and speed.


Rapid Sports Performance attracts amateur and professional athletes in a wide range of sports with one thing in common. They devote themselves to being the best they can be. We train athletes among almost every major sport, but perhaps most notably, Rapid is home to throngs of Georgia's elite baseball players.  Our clientele includes more than 30 major leaguers, 14 first-round draft picks within the past 10 years, as well as countless high school and college players.

When it comes to baseball training facilities in Atlanta, Mike Berenger’s Rapid Sports Performance stands out from them all. He’s a trusted expert that I encourage any baseball player to see if trying to get to the next level…
— Danny Hall, Head Baseball Coach, Georgia Tech
When it comes to training baseball players in the Atlanta area, I trust & use Mike Berenger for my son’s (Daz) strength, speed & injury prevention needs.
— Mike Cameron 17 year MLB Veteran