Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training option was the preferred choice of more than 40 professional athletes, 30+ collegiate athletes, and over 200 middle & high school athletes.   This option, by far, is our most popular training program.    Athletes undergo a movement assessment & performance test to help understand an athlete’s strengths, weaknesses, and potential for injury.  The assessment also provides us with baseline data on athletic qualities like speed, force and power, ultimately providing us with a roadmap to design a training program that will maximize results.  Here are some important facts:

  • Thorough assessment & evaluation

  • Individualized programming

  • Maximum athlete to coach ratio of 6:1

  • Training duration is 60 min (ages 10-12) & 90 min (ages 13 & up)

  • Typically, sessions are done 2-3 times per week, depending on what package you commit to

  • Flexibility in rescheduling sessions (within reason)

  • Contact us for pricing & package options


Our Team Training offer has become very popular among various sports.  At a lower price point, athletes come in as a group (typically 5 – 10 athletes) on designated days & times.  A training schedule with a start and end date will be determined and athletes  typically undergo a performance test to measure baseline speed & power and at the conclusion of the package, a post-test will be performed.  Here are some important facts:

  • Pre & post performance test on speed/power

  • Programming is sport specific, but not individualized for each athlete

  • Athlete to coach ratio can vary.  Typically max at 10:1

  • Training duration can be 60-90 min depending on age and the group’s goals

  • Sessions are done twice per week

  • Due to the price discount, there are typically NO MAKEUPS.

  • Contact us for pricing & details