Do you have a package of sessions that you must buy?

If you are serious about getting results, we strongly encourage you to commit to 2 months of training (16 sessions).  Typically, we break the commitment into 2 payments so the initial payment upfront is for 1 month of training (8 sessions).  Only under certain circumstances is when we deviate from this plan.

Do you train 1 on 1?

Typically no. 99% of our training is done in small groups and has proven to be more effective than 1 on 1. Athletes tend to feed off each other in a competitive environment and will push themselves to excel and perform at their best. Our small ratio lends itself to maintaining a quality program for all.

Do you train teams?

Yes. However, due to the popularity of our small group training program, we tend to schedule team training at non-peak hours so teams will be able to utilize more equipment and get the results they are looking for. Please contact Rapid to learn more and to discuss available training days & times.

How long are sessions and how often?

Depending on the age, typical sessions can range from 60 to 90 min. *This does NOT include warmup or cool down time. Athletes must come 15-20 min prior to a session to perform customized corrective exercises or movement prep exercises that were prescribed based on their movement screen & assessment. Post workout stretching & mobility exercises are also to be performed for optimal gains.

The frequency of how many sessions are done per week is typically dependent on budget, an athlete’s availability, and proximity to Rapid. Typically we see athletes a minimum of twice per week and maximum of three times per week.

What is the youngest age you train?

Typically, 9 years old. However, there are those outliers that are extremely focused which is why we are somewhat open to the possibility of training athletes younger than this. Due to this age range though, the training program is built on improving movement patterns, sprint mechanics, jump and landing mechanics, and numerous bodyweight exercise to enhance core & leg stability.