Brand Ambassadors

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When it comes to baseball training facilities in Atlanta, Mike Berenger’s Rapid Sports Performance stands out from them all. He’s a trusted expert that I encourage any baseball player to see if trying to get to the next level…
— Danny Hall, Head Baseball Coach, Georgia Tech

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As a sports medicine physician, surgeon, and professional baseball team physician, I am highly concerned about injury prevention and establishing proper mechanics for safe baseball performance in youth athletes. I have had an outstanding experience with Rapid Sports Performance for identifying injury risks & improving movement deficiencies, strength & overall performance to help prevent overuse injuries while increasing performance with a safe and progressive training program. I highly recommend Rapid Sports Performance to all athletes wanting to improve their performance and minimize the risk of injury.
— Dr Timothy Griffith, Atlanta Braves & Georgia Swarm Team Physician, Peachtree Orthopedics

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Our club has a number of our elite softball players training at Rapid and the results are astounding. The level of care and expertise that their trainers provide our athletes is second to none. We have 100% trust in the services they provide for us.
— Georgia Power Softball, Board of Directors

I started my son, Daz, training at Rapid when he was 15 yrs old and 7 years later he is in the Detroit Tigers Triple-A system, and each offseason continues to train with the Rapid Team. Having been with some of the best performance coaches during my day as a player, Mike and his team are among the best. Rapid continues to improve their game year after year and because of this and their commitment to excellence, Daz continues to train and improve each year while staying healthy.
— Mike Cameron, 17 yr MLB Veteran

As a strength and conditioning coach that has worked with youth, college and professional athletes, it is easy to respect and trust the work being done at RAPID Sports Performance. Mike and his staff take great care of their athletes, ensuring they max out their talents. Dedication, knowledge, enthusiasm and skill are a hard combination to come by and the staff at RAPID have it. Whether it be pursuing continued education on their own time or spending hours devising the best way to get the most out of their athletes, an effort to supply the best sports performance training is constant. Being a strength and conditioning coach for a professional sports team affords me the knowledge and experience to know what it takes for an athlete to perform at the highest levels. The coaches at RAPID know that too and pour into their athletes like no other facility I’ve seen in Georgia. The best testimony I can give is if I had to send my athletes somewhere to train, I’d send them to RAPID. No question!
— Ty Terrell, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Atlanta Hawks