Step 1 in building a strong lower half for Baseball : The Goblet Squat

The Goblet Squat is a safe and effective exercise to help build strength from the ground up and increase performance on the field.

Ever had a coach tell you “you need to use your lower half better”? The squat is a timeless exercise that can help develop freaky lower body strength. However, here at Rapid Sports Performance, we believe in building a better athlete in a better way, and that means safety and quality at all times.  Whether you’re 10 yrs old or an MLB player, the Goblet Squat is a great exercise to develop great squat technique & load up to increase overall strength.

Let’s first discuss the Back Squat. Everyone knows that the back squat is a phenomenal exercise that can, without a doubt, increase strength and performance on the field. This particular squat, however, is a highly technical lift that is often coached poorly resulting in nagging injuries due to poor technique. This squat requires:

o   Safe management of the center of mass (i.e., don’t fall over)

o   Motor coordination

o   Tremendous Core strength 

o   Mobility at the hips 

o   Mobility at the ankles 

I’m not here to throw the back squat under the bus. There are a lot of great athletes who check all the boxes to back squat safely and effectively. There are, however, some important things to keep in mind in terms of its long term training effects. The back squat forces the athlete to get into a position of heavy spinal and pelvic extension. Right now: poke our chest out and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Feel that? That’s spinal extension. We can sometimes get “stuck” in these positions, and being stuck in extended positions can have negative effects for athletes, including increased pressure and tension at the lumbar and reduced range of motion at both the hip and the shoulder. This is not good if you need to swing and throw every day!!



Fortunately, there are a lot of squat variations that are more spine-friendly and not as complex. One of our favorites, the Goblet Squat, places the load in the front of the body, which forces us to use our abs. Everyone loves abs, right? As a result, the athlete can effectively stabilize the spine allowing the ribcage and pelvis to be in a neutral position and permitting the hips to move more freely. Generally speaking, this more “upright” trunk position is much more friendly on the lower back.  Check out the video below detailing the squat a bit more!


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